• Screen dimension
  • Description of the rear panel
  • The dimension of the side
  • The dimension from the bottom
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  • usb device
  • usb host
  • com1
  • com2
Display Display Type 7" TFT Color
Number of colors 65,536 Color
Dimension display (mm) 52,4x91,5
Resolution 800x480
Levels of brightness 8 levels (software)
Backlight Type LED
Backlight Viability 50,000 hours
Fonts 6x6/8x8/12x12/8x16/16x16/32x32 points,
Possible MS Windows font
Touch Touch type Analog resistive foil
Resolution 800x480
Viability minimum of 1 million touches
Interfaces Serial
  • RS-232C Asynchronous
  • Data bits: 7/8, Stop Bit: 1/2, Parity: No / Odd / Even
  • Speed: 2400bps do 115.2kbps
  • Socket: PS2 6-pin or 9-pin DSUB 1 Channel
  • RS-232C, RS-422/485 Asynchronous
  • Data bits: 7/8, Stop Bit: 1/2, Parity: No / Odd / Even
  • Speed 2400bps do 115.2kbps, 187.5kbps(MPI Directly)
  • Connector: 9-pin DSUB 1 Channel
Module options
USB Device V1.1 Compatible 1 Channel, Max 5m
USB Host
  • Output 5V / 0.5A USB V1.0 compatible (FAT16 / FAT32)
  • USB barcode reader / USB scanner (standard protocol for the keyboard)
SD Card
Printer Roll Printer (EPSON protocol): RS-232C port COM1
Memory and
Program memory 26MB
  • 512KB: Buffer System (5K words), Including Alarms / logs / Recipes
Backup time 5 years (battery and the ambient temp. 25 ° C)
  • Lithium Battery: Charging time 1 day,
    30 days to maintain the state of the program
  • Lithium Battery: Secondary (removable), 2 years to maintain the state of the program
Clock RTC Built-in
LED Status Built-in
Power supply voltage power supply DC24V(20~28V)
Power consumption 12W or less
Accepted voltage decays 24V, for 10 ms
Insulation resistance 500V DC, 10MΩ
Environment Operating temperature (°C) -10 ~ +50
of storage (°C)
-20 ~ +60
Permitted residual
moisture (%RH)
0 ~ 90 (non-condensing)
Atmosphere corrosive environment
Vibration resistance Amplitude: 10≤F<25Hz(2G)
X, Y, Z in each direction (for 30 minutes)
Immunity to interference 1000Vp-p
(impulse length 1µs)
Connected discharge in accordance with EN61000-4-2: ±4kV
Shock resistance 10G X, Y, Z in each direction (3 times)
Overvoltage resistance 500V(Interfacial)
Ground connection Class 3 (below 100Ω)
Protection class IP65
Construction Excision of the panel(mm) 199x129
The external dimension(mm) 206x136x44
Weight(kg) 0,7
Cooling Natural circulation
Housing ABS(self-extinguishing)